Beauty + Comfort = Onex

It's easy to be different, but not always easy to be better. Our design process strives to make a better shoe or sandal. We do this by balancing beauty and comfort perfectly and bring you something to wear all day and evening.

When the Onex design team sets out to design a shoe or sandal, we focus on creating something that is simple, elegant and comfortable. The styles range from unique cork wedges, to jeweled sandals, as well as a collection of glittering evening and holiday dress shoes with beautiful ornaments and Swarovski crystals. Our shoes represent the timeless classics that you want to wear everyday, however the Onex line is diverse and always innovative to match the demands of the fashion world.

Designed for the unique woman who craves originality. Whatever the occasion, there is an Onex shoe that is a perfect match. Most importantly, the perfect match is not only stylish, but extremely comfortable. Once a woman owns a pair and experiences the extra cushioned comfort, she becomes an Onex fanatic. The Onex line is diverse and always innovative to match the demands of the fashion world.

The Idea

The idea for a great shoe is inspired by many sources, some are inspired by an ornament like a buckle, a special material, fabric or leather, and others from unique patterns of rhinestones. Onex shoe designers are routinely pushing their creative potential to make the most comfortable and most beautiful all-day shoe or sandal that our customers have grown to love.

The Design

Our design teams drawing board is three dimensional. We start to create our design ideas on what is called a “last”, which is the shape of a foot. From there we put the idea into reality. It is important that our designs aren’t based on a fad, but are as timeless as possible.

The Prototype

Once designed in three dimensions, we translate the design into two dimensional patterns and shapes and we move through the process of creating a prototype. Through the process of creating the prototype we established how it will be manufactured and finalize the best materials to create it out of. At this stage, the idea has become an actual shoe or sandal.

The Final

Finally any newly designed shoe or sandal’s comfort, durability, and style is confirmed with real-world testing. Our process is driven by a passion to make the most useful, comfortable and beautiful shoes and sandals that women can wear everyday and continue to love them.

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