In 1972, Onnik E. Kouyoumdjian, better known as Mr. Onex, an immigrant from a family of European shoemakers, founded Onex Shoes. His vision of the American dream coupled with his passion for fine lady’s shoe design inspired him to start a business in designing, manufacturing, and distributing the Onex shoe line nationwide.

The Style

The styles are carefully handcrafted featuring the finest components, materials, and ornaments from around the world. In the 70’s he was the first to introduce the clear Lucite slide, better known as the “Glass Slipper”. It made its mark in lady’s footwear, designed to match everything in a woman’s wardrobe, and became the signature style for the Onex line.

Mr. Onnik

Mr. Onnik was as unique as the shoes he created, his charm and debonair style were memorable. He had a great ability of lifting spirits, and capturing the attention of all with his charismatic personality. He had a remarkable presence and left an unforgettable impression on those he met. He touched people’s lives with countless acts of kindness & gained the respect and friendship of many of his customers & employees. He believed in hard work, the truth and always being a gentleman. This code of behavior was his high standard for everything, including Onex Shoes, which is produced with integrity. In the industry, Mr. Onnik was known as a man of honor.

In Memory

His untimely death in 1991 marked a very tragic day in the history of Onex; one that those who loved him will never completely recover from. His memory will always be cherished in our hearts & minds. His death empowered his family members and a team of committed employees to continue his vision. A team whose key players have been alongside the company for over 20 years. We will always dedicate the success of the company to Mr. Onnik; his inspiration continues with each new design.

The Visionary

Mr. Onnik was a visionary, who lived for his work, Onex shoes. He saw every woman as an exciting individual and wanted his designs to complement their individualism. Onex Shoes is committed to continuing the production of our designs with the same passion and integrity set forth by our founder.

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