To Our Customers

Over the last 40 years we are proud to have built the Onex brand to represent some of the most comfortable, high-quality, and distinctive shoes and sandals available. Our goal is to continually elevate our benchmarks and surpass ourselves in every way, while still staying true to who we are. For many years, we are proud to have our shoes handcrafted in America using Italian, U.S., and imported components — yet this has impacted our ability to provide quality Onex shoes that are both affordable and represent the exceptional value of our product.

To help reach our goal, moving forward Onex will be outsourcing its shoes, and we are excited to announce that starting with our new 2019 Spring/Summer collection, select styles have been made in Italy. Since our inception, we have sought to find the highest-quality materials and shoes around the world, and we have consistently found Italy to be one of the finest sources available. For this reason, we believe producing our shoes in Italy, home to some of the most talented shoemakers in the world, using the same Italian raw materials we currently use, is a more than suitable choice.

We are excited for this evolution. We look forward to continue delivering the distinct, handcrafted Onex product many have grown to love, and we thank you for your continued support and understanding.